Condo Management

TrixCRM Condo App Management is designed to help property managers operate more efficiently on a daily basis. The solution provides state-of-the-art online property management, facility booking management and invoicing software for web-based property management. The platform also provides maintenance charges together complaint management system for tenants or house hold unit owners. It also provides notice alerts within the system.

PMS Management

Trix PMS is the comprehensive property management system in which the system is used to keep track on the daily sales of hotel room, banquet and other services offered by the property. The platform provides comprehensive dashboard view for both operation and management view. The solution is able to integrate to third party booking system in management all reservation and booking. The solution is able to manage room assignment per reservation. The solution is able to manage charges based on group or individual together with the master account charge rate. The housekeeping and other internal operation are being tracked and monitor. The solution provides account code for each chargeable items for better monitoring and calculation purposes.

Building Management

Trix Building Management is the tool used to keep track on the building operating environment in which it will be a comprehensive platform to allow operation team to manage the entire building health status in a holistic view. The solution will be able to provide 360 degree view of the building operation activities from a single glance. The system provides monitoring and tracking.