Change Management

TrixCRM Change Management provides a customizable user interface to allow multiple touch points for the users to launch a change request such as electronic media, e-mail or digital fax or even conventional media of direct phone call from users.

Procurement Management

Trix Procurement Management is the module where it keeps track, manage and monitor all the procurement related matters within the organization. This is the feature where it will store all the information pertaining about the potential procurement related matters in the  system.

Configuration Management

TrixCRM Configuration Management system is where it stores all the configuration requests being performed to the system. From here, the system will be able to populate all the information related to the configuration based on the products itself. Indirectly, the system will be able to perform categorization and grouping of the configuration accordingly.

Release Management

TrixCRM Release Management is a procedural module where it will help the operation team to manage, track and also monitor all the releases are in accordance with the company policy. This module will assist operation team to have better insight information pertaining on a new release into the organization.

Availability Management

TrixCRM Availability Management is state of the art solution which reviews business process availability requirements and ensures the most cost effective contingency plans are put in place and tested on a regular basis to ensure business needs are met.

Contract Management

Trix Contract Management is a procedural feature within the system where it manages, tracks and monitors the contract between the organization and also the customers. The system will capture details contract information as well as the duration of the contract.

Problem Management

Trix Problem Management is a comprehensive solution where it will capture the root cause of the incidents. Hence, the system will permanently store all the incidents related to the issue. The system will resolved it based on the resolution being updated by the relevant authorities. This module provides the categorization of the problem and relates all the incidents to the problem management. This will facilitate users to further understand and drill down the relevant information easily through the system.

Supplier Management

TrixCRM Supplier and Business Relationship Management is a comprehensive module where it handles suppliers profile and also other related information. This feature will allow users to manage and monitor suppliers’ information within the organization. The supplier profile will capture the area of expertise into the system. This is to assist the user to identify the appropriate supplier based on the needs. More over the system will be able to provide the track record of the current supplier based on the information stored within the database. The system provides procedural methodology where users will be able to mark the statuesque of the suppliers and also blacklists any of those who are none performing. Apart from that, users will be able to drill down the duration of the blacklist.

Capability Management

TrixCRM Capacity Management goal is to identify the right amount of resources required to meet service demands now and in the future. It is a proactive discipline with far-reaching impact, supporting IT and business alignment, helping to show the cost and business need for infrastructure upgrade. Consolidation and virtualization strategies, ensuring that consolidated real and virtual system configurations will meet service levels. Green initiatives, facilitating the optimization of power requirements. ITIL processes, because capacity planning is one the hallmarks of mature IT management processes. Purchasing decisions, minimizing costs needed to maximize productivity.