Helpdesk Management

TrixCRM Helpdesk Management is the state of the art solution designed with the ultimate goal of assisting organization in servicing its customers through a customer centric approach. It’s built with a combination of out-of-the-box best practices and easy configuration and customization options to align with today’s evolving business evolving business.

Telesales Management

TrixCRM Telesales Management is comprehensive tool dedicated on hard-core telesales environment together with effective management tool to manage and analyze the success of tele marketing team as well as identify new-up and cross-sell opportunities.

Campaign Management

TrixCRM Campaign Management is created to help marketers design, execute, manage and measure marketing campaigns and customer-driven communication across all marketing channels. TrixCRM Campaign Management provides optimum and cost-effective campaign management by its groundbreaking features. It enables end-to-end implementation of personalized, high-return campaigns in all channels in a very short time via the powerful targeting capability of its artificial intelligence-supported optimization engine. It is also possible to track and report performance with advanced tracking and reporting tools.

Asset & Inventory

TrixCRM Asset Management is a specialized IT asset management software designed for organizations whose needs for accurate, comprehensive IT asset reporting and trouble-free management aren’t met by enterprise-oriented framework products or less sophisticated inventory tools.

Sales Force Automation

TrixCRM Sales Force Automation enables businesses to acquire, retain, and also develop profitability customer relationship by increasing the sales and marketing performance and maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Social Media Management

Trix Social Media Management is customer relationship management and engagement fostered by communication with customers through social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook to leading to more impactful marketing insights, better service and stronger relationships.

Debt Collection Management

TrixCRM Debt Collection Management is a comprehensive debt collection tool for managing companies’ collection process in a procedural manner. It is a web based application whereby it helps to extend the capabilities of integrating into the backend application easily.

Survey Management

TRIX Survey Management System is a web-enabled application that facilitates creating, managing and publishing professional surveys and collecting feedback to provide assistance in business decision making process.

Dvoice Management

Trix DVoice Communication Management Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive Omni Channel contact centre solution which it covers various channels such as: email, sms, social media together with inbound and outbound capabilities such as dialer to support operation needs.

The solution allows each vertical industry customer to enjoy an efficient and reliable phone based customer interaction solution that is easy to implement without any hassles with its one stop comprehensive contact centre telephony system.

Livechat Management

TrixCRM Live Chat is the tool used to assist chat environment within an organization. It provides agent responses with the power of automated responses based on the business logic.

TrixCRM Live Chat is an agent assisted chat communication between customer and agent.

Chatbot Management

TrixCRM Chatbot is an all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots across channels.

This tool used to assist chat environment within an organization. It provides agentless responses with the power of automated responses based on the business logic.

WhatsApp Management

TrixCRM is able to integrate to WhatsApp Official Business Account to provide seamless interactions on WhatsApp into TrixCRM platform to faciliatate end to end solution in which customers will be receiving interactions via chatbot or live agent without customer leaving the WhatsApp platform.