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TrixCRM is a full blown web based operational tool used to magnify operation efficiency in any organization


CRM Solution

TrixCRM solution is a complete platform to manage customers interactions from various channels. This is to facilitate the comprehensive monitoring and tracking of customers experience within the platform. The interactive omni-channel solution is to assist both operation and management team to keep abreast with the customers’ interaction.


Enterprise Solution

Enterprise solution is an individual solution to manage high scale utilization on the solution to manage organization wide interactions with customers. The solution will assist various users’ segment namely customers, operation and management team together with external parties. The collaboration platform will be used to manage end-to-end solution.


ITSM Solution

ITSM solution is engineered towards IT related companies where the full-blown solution will be used to manage IT associated issues from the point of initiation of the incident till the change and management of such change based on the current capacities of the IT environment. The solution will also manage the procurement of such assets to manage and resolve the IT related matters.


Mobile App &
Market Place

Trix provides turn key mobile application and also market place solution to cater Business to Consumer (B2C) platform churning towards consumers interactions and experience with the solution provider. This mobile application and market place leverages on industrial experience in catering the solution towards consumer.


Property Solution

Trix Property solution is the platform used to manage all building related matters as it churns towards either building management to manage all the preventive & corrective maintenance till the generation of the scheduled work order. The solution also manages all the utilities utilization within the building. This platform also provides residential related operational works such as reservation of facilities till the complaints and also the monthly maintenance charges. The property management system on the other hand is specifically towards hotel related industry such as managing the hotel reservation till to account charge code for each reservation as well as facilities utilization within the property.


Government Solution

The government solution is the platform used to digitize the operational of local council or the state government in managing their daily operation needs, transforming manual operation to digital processes together with online payment. The solution also handles the alerts, notification and automated manual processes into digital platform. This will facilitate the web portal for consumers or residents to interact with the local council or state government seamlessly. The top management is also able to have bird eye view on the current operation within the operation team.


Our Happy Clients Says

We have engaged the services of Dyn Edge, TrixCRM Solution Suite, for the past 5 years. Throughout the span of services, the employees of Dyn-Edge displayed a high level of professionalism, experience, dedicated and commitment to quality.


Loyalty Company
Dyn Edge have excellent client side experience, backing up the practical with professional understanding of the role of solution and process automation. Dyn Edge is extremely energetic, self-motivated and able to swiftly build and assimilate data and information.

Head of Contact Centre

I would highlight recommend Dyn Edge and tis TrixCRM Solution Suite for organizations who are looking to work with a solution partner who truly knows what they are doing and who are very efficient in the support services.

General Manager

Customer Service

We Are Experienced System Implementer
For IT Solution

Dyn Edge embraces three main strength to be leading CRM solution provider in industry

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Vast Experience

Our resources with more than 20 years of experience together with industrial know how to fast track each deployment cycle

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Process Automation

Our team strong strength is on workflow automation in any industries we embarked on

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Digital Experience

Our platform has the capabilities to consolidate digital interactions into single platform either on social media other chat channels