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Products And Services

TrixCRM Solution Suite

Enhancing Customer Service

Experience Our solutions aim to enable your customer-facing personnel to deliver a positive Customer Service experience to your customers. This is only possible if information is made available instantaneously and uninterrupted. Dyn Edge?s solutions are designed as empowering tools, with your customers as the focal and starting point of the design methodology. We would capture, organise and present critical data of your customers by imparting best industry practices and incorporating your specific requirements.

TrixCRM Solution Suite

TrixCRM is an integrated web based Customer Relationship Management solution suite, which provides the following functionalities:

  • Call Center Management
  • Service Desk Management
  • Outbound Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Debt Collection Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosk Management

Automating Sales Management Processes

We understand that one of the critical function in any organisation is the sales management process, and how this process is managed to promote optimal performance. Whether it is automation of pipeline sales reporting, facilitation of telemarketing campaign or managing your sales personnel, our solutions provide real-time data features, accurate data reporting and tracking features to ensure control and enhancement of your revenue generation activities.

Trix e-PCM

It is a web based tool to create, publish and manage content to portals. It comes with flexible customization and categorization capabilities with easy navigation features

Streamlining Partner Interaction Model

Dealer and Partner management is essential in ensuring that you would are able to fulfill your commitment to your customers. With that in mind, we have developed solutions that are aimed at fostering communications and advocating structured approach in managing your partners.

Trix Consulting

  • Workflow Automation
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • CRM Adoption Strategy